About Us

Here at the Dr Asa Providers website we have a very different way of looking at health. Even though the human body is very complex, attaining and maintaining extraordinary health requires making new lifestyle choices, and having a great wellness team around you.
For years, Dr Asa Andrew and our team have been helping people just like you from a wellness and lifestyle perspective with every kind of health challenge from weight gain, increasing energy, to helping you get back to being you. Simply put, we help you live the healthy life that you were designed to live. The best health insurance policy comes by empowering your health in making better lifestyle choices that keep you well and out of the health challenge zone. Basically, we help you take responsibility for your health.
At the Dr Asa Providers, our mission is to teach others how to achieve the life they desire. As wellness specialists, we follow a comprehensive lifestyle system of analysis for your health. Instead of simply focusing on your symptoms, we aim to help you formulate relevant strategies to create better choices.
Like Dr Asa Andrew teaches on our radio and television shows, health is integrative, and therefore we take a more preventative approach and always look at each person specifically and individually. There are three basic areas of health that our Dr Asa Providers follow in The Health Triangle; Mentally (the brain chemistry, neurotransmitters, and the subconscious mind), Nutritionally (the body physiology, effects of lifestyle choices, and potential nutritional deficiencies), and Physically (overall fitness, the bones, muscles, nerves, and meridian pathways). We realize that all three areas have to be addressed before you can experience the vibrant health and wellness that you have been searching for. Dr Asa and our team utilizes this new “whole body” approach to health care, which looks at the entire person. It’s designed to take you from wherever you are in your current state of health to where you really want to be. Lifestyle choices are the key.
Our desire is to connect you with Dr Asa Providers that help you live the life you were designed to live no matter what your health challenge might be. You were designed to live an extraordinary life. There is a way to vibrant health. Our goal is to equip you to attain and maintain extraordinary health.
We here at the Dr Asa Providers are here to walk with you, teach you, and coach you toward your health goals. Remember, your health is determined by your choices. And remember, "no one else can do this for you". The doctor can't completely do it for you, your husband can't do it for you, your wife can't do it for you, your kids can't do it for you, and your friends - they can't do it for you either. Only YOU can take responsibility for your health. The choices you make today will determine the health you will have tomorrow.


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